During the current COVID-19  pandemic we will be gathering together as a church body.  However, there are some restrictions associated with our gathering. Please call the church office to find out what those restrictions are.

Additionally, the Sunday morning service will be broadcast on FM 88.1 should you desire to attend but remain in your vehicle while on property.  The message will also be Audio/Video recorded and placed on our website shortly after the noon hour.

Some meetings will still be conducted on ZOOM. Instructions on how to join the group or activity will be given in an invitation sent out by the Group Leader via email. See below if you wish  to join a particular group/activity. 


A Laptop, Tablet or PC that has a camera and a microphone works best for Zoom meetings. However, a smart phone is adequate. 


Morning Worship:  In Person with some restrictions.

Contact the church office for details.

Home Groups: 5:30pm, in person and On ZOOM


Women's Bible Study: 6:30-8:00, In Person

At the Church Sanctuary


Men's Bible Study: 6:00-7:30 am, In Person

Family Home Group: 6:00-7:30, In person

Any additional meetings to be conducted on ZOOM will be made known to the congregation via email and/or text. Make sure we have your current email address on file.

Should you wish to join any of our studies or activities as a guest, please contact Pastor Dave  at: 719-468-5194 or, kopdok2@gmail.com and we'll be pleased to include you!